Rhapsody wears a deep red velvet cape with a big dramatic hood. She loves walking on beaches in the moonlight. Her eyes are a deep mystical blue and she dances in the rain. The greatest love of her life was Intuition………..until he ran headlong into a lusty affair with Disappointment.
Rhapsody loves fire. Her favorite drink is elderberry wine in thick crystal goblets. In her castle of stone high on the mountain top she dances in gentle circles under the willows to the sound of a sweet but melancholy oboe…..her gorgeous tangle of shiny black hair kissing her soft white shoulders. Rhapsody is a lover like no other and her scent lingers like magic in the nostrils of her conquests….often driving them to divine madness.

Her newest lover is Fate.

Rhapsody’s closest friends, Bliss and Intensity……feel she may have finally met her match.