What is the meaning of ..?

42. Apparently. If Douglas Adams believes it, I do too.

How does one achieve 42? What does 42 look like? Does 42 smell? Is it hiding somewhere, in a metaphorical “Temple of Doom”, just waiting for the next plucky Jones to stunt roll in its direction? Or, is 42 a little subtler. A complexly simple, bundle of qubits and dark matter (I also have no idea what those things are)? 42 remains elusive, somewhat estranged and ambiguous. Until you take action. Oh my, 42 responds to action. Like sticking your finger in a plug socket kind of response. 
 I’m 42. Which I will forever convince myself is some Celestial conflagration, yet actually is just the length of time I’ve been alive by conventional measurements. Busying myself over the years with a mixture of hubris and inert ambition, committed in thought, unsubstantiated by: action (42 just got Goosebumps). Then I met Viet. 
 I’m a business owner, Salesperson, Chef/F&B — a diving instructor, call me indecisive — and spectacularly failing to “convert” on any of them. 42 was along for the ride. Working alongside a great Team of people for the last 3 months to develop funding paradigms for the Kianh Foundation has become my “Temple of Doom”. 42 introduced itself to me. With a big hug.
 Viet, is a 20 year old man with Down Syndrome. Viet was responsible for the hug. Alongside being a thoroughly fabulous human being, Viet is 42. Not wishing to place too much burden on him, at least he represents 42. The Kianh Foundation and his family (plus a raft of supporters) have cared, nurtured and educated Viet to adulthood with a healthy dose of 42 dust. That dust rubs off on people. And it should.
 Over the next few weeks The Kianh Foundation is going to launch some ambitious, nay; 42’esque projects, just simply because that’s what 42 is all about. That’s what — may I be so bold — we should all be about. After a childhood of development and Education, it’s supremely important to create opportunity in mind, body and spirit for ALL young adults (globally) and of course AWD (adults with disability). I will perform as many Jonesy stunt rolls as required to be a part of achieving these goals.
 We aim to:
 * Increase our supply ability (100+ children in need of placement with us)
 * Hone our educational delivery (syndicating our world class programs and offering outreach to the local community through I.T delivery)
 * Create a whole-life system for our graduates (develop and maintain a business providing employment and incomes for AWD)
 I’m looking forward to working and documenting the process over the coming months and years. I’m looking forward to your feedback in the Professional community as we take action on our projects. I’m looking forward to harnessing the power of 42. 
 We are looking forward to your help.