Step Up, Not In It

When I am walking down the street and notice dog poop on the sidewalk I don’t get mad at the dog. The dog was doing what comes natural. I do however find myself agitated and annoyed with the dog owner who didn’t pick up the poop. I can’t expect more from the dog, but I do expect more from the owner who knows better.

As I see it, the actions of Trump are like the dog that poops all over town and I am not surprised. Trump came into his current role with no previous public service experience and several of his top advisers have just as little. Hence, the current poop. Ladies and gentlemen, as the Trump administration continues to roll out policies designed to disproportionately harm the lives of poor people, people of color, and any American that believes in equity and a strong democracy, I beg of you to start focusing your attention on the elected members of the US House and Senate.

Our nation doesn’t have to step in this poop!

A dog may not know any better but there are many Republican members in both houses who have worked in public service for years that do know the difference between right and wrong. Those members need to speak up loudly. The same can be said for any of the Republican governors.

All Americans have got to send a strong and forceful message to elected officials that their current job is to get this poop off the ground and throw it where it belongs. It doesn’t matter your political party, it matters that you don’t want to see extreme cuts to transportation, education, science and programs that help poor people.

Face it, we can’t control the dog pooping, but we can make sure that it gets picked up, disposed of and that we don’t step in it. The damaging implications of the Trump proposed budget would stink for Americans for years to come.

America, step up — not in it.

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