A Dead Asshole Is Still an Asshole
Miles Klee

Piece of shit pretty much sums up everything you need to know about Onfroy. Abusive, bullying, violent, criminal assholes like that usually either find some respect for others or wind up dead by the age of 25. Given his track record, I’m surprised it took until he was 20 for someone to ring his bell. As for the assholes who “mourn” him, did you ever look at the crowds at one of his “shows”? They’re pretty embarrassing to even watch — mostly rich white douchebag posers jumping up and down to “fuck this” and “fuck that” chants. I guess that’s supposed to pass for modern day “lyrics”. This is what a society raised on fucking “smart” phones looks like. Reality of anything doesn’t matter — including the real lives of the creeps they idolize and worship. Images, particularly the ones they see on their fucking phones, are everything.

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