Hillary voted “yes” for Bush to authorize the invasion of Iraq in 2003 as a Senator.

I can see that your candidate for the US presidency is not Hillary. I wasn’t “refuting” that she didn’t vote for going to war. I only stated that your arguments as if she was solely responsible was illogical. I “refute” the notion Hillary alone has caused all of this country’s problems. She’s not the ONLY politician who voted for going into the middle east to pursue ALQ after 9/11. Technically speaking Congress hasn’t approved or authorized a war. The President at the time used his executive power during a time of crisis to pursue the terrorists who attacked us. Later we were joined by an international coalition of countries and eventually by NATO. Whether or not those were good decisions is up for debate and I suppose that history will eventually decide if that was a smart strategy or not. But back to the original comments you were making, I DO support Hillary Clinton. My words were written as a comment in support of and agreement with the article I read. You feel differently and think she’s the root of everything evil. That’s your opinion and I’m not trying to change it. Peace.

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