I’m sorry.

My ex brother in law followed a similar path. He first worked as a contractor and was eventually hired on full time. I don’t know all the details and of course I am only familiar with my sisters side of the story, but what eventually happened was that my brother in law was fired for leaving his own business card in a customer’s house. His side business was travel agent. I realize why that’s against the rules but I could not believe he was fired over something so innocuous as a business card. A written warning, a suspension maybe, but firing someone who had been working hard and was doing well otherwise just makes no sense to me. Later I heard that he’d also been the victim of bullying while on the job even prior to his firing. And what was he being bullied over? The size of his ears. Yes, something he couldn’t change, and most would think adults had grown out of teasing about once they graduated from elementary school. It wasn’t just teasing his superiors and peers actually threw a rock at his head while he was outside working on a job site. It seemed to me they had been trying to force him out for months. The business card incident just provided a convenient excuse. I worked in the federal government all my life and have seen a fair amount of bad behavior and bullying, even experienced it firsthand as I prepared to retire, but I was never physically hurt or attacked. In any case the end result was that my sister and her husband eventually divorced after he lost his job. I don’t think Verizon is the cause of the divorce but it certainly didn’t help. It destroyed my once kind hearted, gentlemanly brother in law into an angry, depressed and broken man. I am sorry that Verizon has forgotten that their company is about people. It will undoubtedly be their Achilles heel and lead to their failure. I thought our story with my brother in law was a one off bad experience. After reading your article, I’m not so sure.

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