Ride a Bike, Read a Book.

There are some simply qualities in life which we seem to have forgotten. I visited my primary school yesterday, it had changed, I felt emotional.

Why? Feelings of nostalgia?

Remind yourself “Don’t look back, you are not going that way”. I chuckled, I remember that feeling of “freedom” as a child, riding a bike, getting lost in a story, smelling freshly cut grass in the summer, making friends with a friendly dog and wondering if I took him home would my parents let me keep him?

Cycles in a field at Eroica Festival, Derby UK.

Blue skies in The Summer Time.
A friendly dog and a cool trainer.
Bubbles and Hay at Eroica Festival 2017. Peak District UK

Wanna feel free again? Channel your childhood spirit. Ride a bike, blow some bubbles, get lost in a book. Have new experiences, travel and be free.

Of course you don’t have to take my advice, you can stay at home scrolling through social media.

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