When it comes to growing a business, there are always going to be things you need that you may not know a lot about.

For right now, social media, blogging, and SEO is starting to stress out a lot of business owners. For starters, most business owners overthink social media. It’s not about posting that you had eggs for breakfast.

What is SEO? It’s simple. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of tasks that you can do to show up on the first page of Google.

This is when you get cold calls trying to sell you services…

Boost Your Mental Energy and Focus on YOU!

Increasing your mental energy to motivate you to get things done — whether that’s around the house, at work, in your business, or when you’re out and about — can seem like a hefty task. But, the truth is a lot of people overlook their current ‘habits’ and behaviors that can actually negatively impact their mental energy on a daily basis.

Read on to see what works for people from all walks of life who are struggling to get the necessary mental will-power to be successful!

1. First and foremost, how carefully do you monitor your eating habits? Scientific studies…

Learn small tips to laugh more & worry less!

You may have heard the old saying that, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

As it turns out, this may very well be true. When you laugh, you generally smile. Studies show that when a person smiles, they have a very hard time feeling negative emotions.

If you have ever been in a tense or stressful spot and someone cracked a joke that helped diffuse the situation, you know the power of laughter to reduce stress.

The same is true with worry. Worry, stress and anxiety are all related. They all feed off of each other, and create more of the…

You are probably well aware that technology can cause a lot of distractions. Depending on the source you believe, you receive anywhere from several hundred to several thousand marketing messages throughout the day. You probably have your phone, watch and other electronics set up to give you notifications daily as well.

Your cave dwelling ancestors did not have to deal with this. You do. Use the following applications to keep technology from distracting you and ruining your productivity, ramping up your stress, and keeping you from ending your work at a decent hour.

1 — Your Built-In “Do Not Disturb”…

Most people define happiness as having a well-paying job, getting a loving partner, or even winning the lottery. However, depending on the circumstances, all these could only be for the short-term. What would happen to your happiness level when your spouse leaves you for another person? Or when you’ve splurged all your winnings? If you were never one to be responsible for your emotions or have never held yourself accountable for your decisions in life, then you would fall back into the same dark hole once again.

Let us agree that no form of happiness is permanent. Nevertheless, most happy…

If you find yourself gauging your life with that of others, you are not alone. Social comparison is an attempt to make accurate assessments of ourselves. It has become common now more than ever before with the explosion of social media sites. These platforms provide a never-ending stream of content upon which to compare ourselves. What’s more, this has taken our attempts to keep up with the Joneses beyond the neighborhood and onto a global scene.

Although comparing your looks, possessions or lifestyle to that of others can be a source or motivation, it has its downsides as well. It…

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Much Better Than a J.O.B.

There are several reasons why being an entrepreneur is much better than a J.O.B. With the responsibility of running your own business, you also have the freedom to pursue the most financially and personally rewarding avenues.

Instead of sitting behind a desk and being told what you have to achieve for the day or for the year, you’re free to set your own goals and objectives. No more time spent working on projects that don’t fulfill you.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you get to set the goals, you get to…

The first thing you do in the morning seems to set the course for your day. If your initial early-morning action is waking up late, you will stumble through the day, behind in every task, trying to play catch-up. If you wake up early and get a good start, it seems that your daily tasks are child’s play. This trend unfortunately applies to starting your day with an email checkup as well.

It may seem innocent enough. You are concerned that you may have some important communications from family members from the night before. Maybe since you went to bed…

As a small business owner, you understand how important it is to have a business website. However, the type of site design that you choose is key. You need a website that not only makes a great first impression on online users, but also allows for high levels of online visibility. A responsive WordPress website might just be the solution you have been looking for to all of your website design problems. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to create a website for your small business that helps you increase relevancy and visibility.

Here are a few…

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