5 Apps That Minimize Tech Distractions

You are probably well aware that technology can cause a lot of distractions. Depending on the source you believe, you receive anywhere from several hundred to several thousand marketing messages throughout the day. You probably have your phone, watch and other electronics set up to give you notifications daily as well.

Your cave dwelling ancestors did not have to deal with this. You do. Use the following applications to keep technology from distracting you and ruining your productivity, ramping up your stress, and keeping you from ending your work at a decent hour.

1 — Your Built-In “Do Not Disturb” App

All modern smart phones contain an application that allows you to turn off notifications. You may have to go into your phone’s settings to access this distraction-buster, but it is worth finding out how to do so. Many of these applications allow you to pick and choose which notifications to turn off and which to allow. If you need help, perform a Google or YouTube search for “my smart phone do not disturb application”, replacing “my smart phone” with your smart phone model.

2 — Anti-Social

This application does exactly what you think it does. It keeps you from spending your entire day on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites which you are addicted to. You can set it to block out any website that you want to stop distracting you. As its marketing message promises, “Start anti-social, and Facebook and Twitter go away.”

3 — SelfControl (Macs only)

This is a pretty hard-core distraction killer. Once you set up the parameters for what sites and what times you want it to run, you cannot access those sites unless you go back into the settings and change them manually.

4 — StayFocusd

This is probably the most intensive web blocker that exists. If you have a web addiction that simply can’t be resisted, you need this application. It blocks the entire Internet for periods of time that you set. This does not keep you from particular notifications or websites, and instead turns off the entire web!

5 — Focus Lock (Android)

Focus Lock makes the promise of freeing you from smart phone slavery. If you have ever walked into a wall or almost been hit by a car because you were staring at your android smart phone instead of paying attention to your surroundings, this is the technology distractor built for you.

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