Part 1: 🔮 An Overview of Emoji Domains

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Power of Emoji Domains

John Harrison


👼 Emoji aren’t just for kids

On the same day, about a month ago, 2 emails stood out more than any others. One was from my dad and the other was from my accountant. Both of these men are in their late fifties and both of them included emoji in their messages to me for the first time.

My accountant was telling me to get some sleep as I often have the habit of emailing him questions at 03.00 in the morning. He used the ‘face with stuck-out tongue’ emoji 😛

Now you can own a single character emoji too!

Here’s a few up for sale:

⌚.ws 🚢.ws 🚚.ws 🇪🇺.ws 🔞.ws 🔑.ws 🦔.ws 🇸🇬.ws 🇩🇰.ws 🧕.ws 🧘.ws

My dad had stood on a wasp while answering the front door and greeted the postwoman with a 4 letter profanity beginning with the letter ‘f’. He was regaling the family with his wasp-horror story and signed off with the ‘smiling face with sunglasses’ emoji perhaps to show he’s cool with pain. Most of his emails now include that emoji at some point and he does wear the same style of sunglasses 😎

For those of you that follow the work of Gary Vaynerchuk you may have heard him say that even the tech-averse, late-adopting ageing population who can’t open email attachments have sent the poop emoji in texts to their children.

The point is that emoji have permeated their way through all our lives- not just the millennials- and in liquid-like form have filled the allowable space. Emoji are in our inboxes, on Facebook, in Twitter streams, on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Slack and most other websites and apps you visit daily.

You can buy emoji cushions, emoji keyrings, emoji bomber jackets, emoji leggings, emoji watches, high-quality emoji lining for suits and the list goes on leaking across all product types. Type the name of a random object into google, add the word ‘emoji’ and there’s a good chance the product already exists.

But, beyond all this, I’m excited about something else. I’m excited about the infiltration…



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