Part 1: 🔮 An Overview of Emoji Domains

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Power of Emoji Domains

👼 Emoji aren’t just for kids

Now you can own a single character emoji too!

Here’s a few up for sale:

⌚.ws 🚢.ws 🚚.ws 🇪🇺.ws 🔞.ws 🔑.ws 🦔.ws 🇸🇬.ws 🇩🇰.ws 🧕.ws 🧘.ws

🤯 Emoji domains? ?

Coca-Cola emoji domain marketing campaign

🤔 Brevity, Recall & Memorability

“The picture is the most important structural element in magazine advertising, for both consumer and business audiences.”

“Visual ads require less exposure than verbal ads for long-term memory effect.”

🗣️ Language

✨ Isn’t this just a gimmick?

‘Market for the year you live in’

‘Native storytelling’

🚚 Emoji as infrastructure

💬 The rise of messaging and what it means for emoji domains

Adding short URLs that link directly to Messenger could have a tremendous impact on a brand’s ability to convert their shoppers into buyers. Social media teams could change every bio, post or image link to land directly in a message thread with a brand or business.

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