Part 6: 🎥🔗🔥 Access every #dailyvee with an emoji!

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Power of Emoji Domains

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I follow Gary Vaynerchuk on the socials and think he’s one of the most inspiring public business people you could ever hope to learn from. While I was on Twitter a month ago I noticed that Gary (or his team) associated the movie camera emoji with his popular vlog #dailyvee filmed by the talented and dedicated DRock

Gary used the 🎥 emoji in his bio but the dedicated website link looked like this:

I thought I could do a better job for Gary by using the power of emoji domains.

As the owner of the 🎥 emoji domain I thought it would be a good idea (and if nothing else, a bit of fun) if Gary could have relevant links to each of the episodes.

So we change this:

Into this:


So why would Gary bother? Well, I put several reasons in an email to him and his team. Here’s what I said:

Hey Gary
I think I have something that would be useful to your daily vlog because:
is better than:
1. It’s shorter (you can even type this out from your phone)
2. It’s perfect for tweets, bios, messages (because social real estate is tight)
3. It’s relevant. I mean, it’s a daily vlog.
4. Could you commit ‘🎥.ws/262' to memory? Probably. How about ‘’ ? No way.
5. One of these is way more engaging. Emoji=engagement
Gary- I think you could benefit from this, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you.
Can I set this up for you?

I wanted to keep my email to Gary as short as possible while delivering enough juicy potential to garner a response. My subject line even came from advise Gary gave on one of his #dailyvee episodes:

🎥.ws/262 (30 second read max)

I stood out in the inbox by using an emoji, I created a little bit of mystery and told the reader how much time they would have to invest by opening the email.

So, did I get a response? Yes- I did.

I’m currently talking with Gary’s branding team about the use of emoji domains as part of his social media experience. When I emailed Gary was publicly taking the month of August (🎥.ws/august) away from the daily hustle so while its not perfect timing for a link serving his daily vlog I doubled down in his absence linking all his previous episodes allowing fans to easily access them from their mobile browser:

accessing emoji domains on a mobile browser

I wanted Gary to read that email so I kept it neat and to the point. Here, on Medium, I can expand my thoughts a little as to why each of the 5 points I raised are important and beneficial to any film, video series, YouTube channel or vlog.

1. Short

OK- you can see the emoji url is a ton shorter than the YouTube url but why does that matter?

Now that more people access the internet via their phone, urls that are mobile friendly are more appropriate. There’s nothing worse than having to type long-ass domains with banana fingers on tiny mobile keyboards. Anything that’s short and easier to type out will reduce the friction for a potential customer.

This neatly leads to the next and related benefit.

2. Memorable

Shorter urls have a better chance of being remembered. When they can be easily recalled, they can be easily passed on. Short urls allow for viral word of mouth growth. I think my example of this to Gary is quite evident when I suggest that 🎥.ws/262 could be committed to memory while you’d never remember a YouTube url.

There’s an added structure to the naming system which would improve usage. Once you get used to typing the emoji domain…





…you’ll know that by appending a 3 digit number (until Gary hits his 1000th #dailyvee and we hit 4 digits) that it’ll take you to a shot of daily inspiration.

I’m also shortening Gary’s rants. Just today I came across a 42 year old Gary V fan who in a reply to Gary said he was finding it tough to keep going now that the industry he trained in was no longer providing him the means to cover his bills.

Instead of having to find the YouTube link, I know that 🎥.ws/6for60 will link out to Gary’s enthusiastic plea for people to realise that we ALL still have way more time than we think. In 6 minutes he explains how we can all affect the next 60 years of our life no matter what age we’re starting from.

When I next come across someone in trouble who thinks its all over for them it’ll be easy for me to remember that link and share the GV wisdom.

3. Social Real Estate

It’s tough to get all you want across in a few short and sweet sentences. Bios, tweets and messages demand concise and thoughtful copy. Url shortened links using a 1 character emoji domain will always be competitively short leaving ample space for your witty, sunny personality.

4. Relevance

Link shorteners are not new. is an example of one of the most well known shorteners. In the scheme of things even emoji link shorteners are not new. Existing shorteners include 🍕💩.ws, 🎉🐙.ws and 😻🍕.ws.

But, the 🎥.ws emoji domain brings relevance to what’s at the end of the link experience.

In search and conversion terms relevance is always rewarded. It usually means higher CTA and although I don’t have data to back this up for emoji domains, it’s my hypothesis that relevance would increase engagement for 🎥.ws linking to relevant content like vlogs, film makers, YouTube videos, TwitchTV profiles, graphics creators etc.

I can imagine a film maker proudly displaying a link to his content like, 🎥.ws/ss (Steven Spielberg- I know you read all my Medium articles- I can set this one up for you brother)

I can’t so readily imagine a link like 🎉🐙.ws/🌽🚛🙀 working.

5. Engagement

All the signs point towards emoji domains being more engaging. I am making this assumption based on the data around emoji engagement in general.

Leanplum and AppAnnie teamed up to test what happens to CTR when an emoji is added to a push notification. Engagement rates increased by 85%. That’s huge and was achieved by the simple addition of the emoji- nothing more.

Experian reported that over 50% of brands using an emoji in an email subject line had a higher unique open rate.

Wordstream split-tested adding emoji in their Google adwords text and found that not only did Google serve the ad 10% more frequently the ad including the emoji had 4 clicks whereas the one without emoji had 0 clicks. Even though its a small test, the results still indicate the increased engagement emoji creates.

I don’t think its beyond the realms of possibility that an emoji domain link in, say, a Twitter bio would get added engagement.

Only time will tell if emoji domain shorteners like 🎥.ws will get wider adoption but I think there are sensible commercial reasons why they should.

Emoji domains are going to play a pivotal role and there will be a window of opportunity for the first movers to take advantage.
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