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Why Tablet Computers Are Ruining Your Life

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Has the humble laptop suddenly gone to the laptop heavens? In short, it would appear so. In the past few years, computers have come a long way since the introduction of the first laptop in 1981 with the Osborne 1. Since then, two of the world’s biggest technology companies — Microsoft and Apple — have been at war, like small children fighting over toy cars to determine which company has the best products.

The purpose of the tablet computer was originally supposed to act as a Personal Assistant or P.A. that sat in the palm of the user if they were out of the office. While the Apple iPad became a revolutionary piece of technology, it should be known that the tablet computer was not the brainchild of the late and great Steve Jobs. In fact, it’s believed the piece of tech so many people love and for granted now was created a decade before the release of the first generation iPad. Yep, you guessed it. The tablet computer was actually the brainchild of Bill Gates.

In recent years, tablet computers have taken over the desks of people worldwide, maximising the space they have on their desks to work. They have basically replaced the laptop or desktop computers people would have had in their offices ten years ago. While we could spend the entirety of this article talking about what’s great about these devices, we won’t. We’re going to talk about why they’re ruining our lives.

Watch Out, WiFi Signals Can Be Toxic!

Since the introduction of WiFi internet in 1997, it has become a staple for anyone looking to do research for their next great novel or to play games online or even just looking to connect to the world on the screen. What people don’t realise is how potentially dangerous WiFi can be to the body over a long period of time.

Unbeknownst to most, WiFi can cause insomnia and can potentially damage a child’s development during their early childhood years. WiFi can also affect cell growth and easily derail the functioning of the brain. In women, this often leads to a reduction in brain activity.

Unbeknownst to most, WiFi can cause insomnia and can potentially damage a child’s development during their early childhood years. WiFi can also affect cell growth and easily derail the functioning of the brain. In women, this often leads to a reduction in brain activity.

A person’s reproductiveness can also be at stake as a study has concluded the heat radiates from a laptop can neutralise a male’s sperm count. Whereas the radiation can cause fragmentation of the DNA found in sperm. The same applies to a woman’s fertility, resulting in the failure of the egg implanting. There’s even a chance of an abnormal pregnancy.

It should be secondhand news by now that there is a controversial claim of how a WiFi signal can cause cancer. A multitude of studies have shown that while exposure from electromagnetic radiation is linked to the development of tumours, the link between WiFi radiation and cancer is small and increasingly rare, but not unheard of.

Help! My Tablet Computer Screen Is Broken!

Let’s face it. We’ve all broken something technological in our lifetimes. However, when it comes to tablet computers, they seem to be the victims of smashed screens too often. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been stepped on, sat on or dropped, it’s happened to everybody.

When it comes to repairing said screens, getting a tablet computer’s screen fixed can sometimes be worth just as much as the device itself. In other words, it can be costly. Most service places overpay for getting the issue resolved. It’s often better to buy a new one. Of course, it all depends on the damage and whether the device is worth salvaging.

Ah, Where’s The Mouse?

Since the evolution of the computer, the mouse (no, we ain’t talking about the common household pest) has always made using a computer just a little bit easier to open the programs (or apps as they’re now called) and to work the device overall. Nowadays, there’s no mouse (unless you’re using a desktop computer or a laptop). All you need to do to tap the screen as all tablet computers are touch screen. No more clicking of buttons and certainly, no more waiting for the program to open. There is, however, one small problem with touch screen devices; they get really grubby and the screen is often hard to clean. Talk about a pain!

Why Are All My Friends Suddenly Digital?

Since the introduction of chatrooms, people have invested their time and even their money into spending precious hours talking to people online.

As technological advances have encased the likes of chat rooms and instant messaging apps, people are having fewer face-to-face conversations. With this being said, people who actually sit and talk to people online are losing the ability to have an actual conversation. Soon, the people of the world will have lost the ability to speak to the people sitting and standing around them.

My Battery Life Sucks!

Ah, the dreaded part of technology that drives everybody crazy. Who doesn’t hate it when they only have 1% of their tablet’s battery life left and you’re nowhere near a charging outlet? Cue the groan of frustration. If you work on a tablet computer on a regular basis, it can often bring stress when it isn’t required.

What tablet computer owners don’t realise is, when you use a multitude of apps and have them running at the same time, it can often cause the battery to drain much faster than it would if the apps were shut. If you thought keeping an eye on your phone battery was bad enough, try working with tablet computer where all your apps are open. The battery will also drain if you have the WiFi switched on.

With a standard laptop, a battery can often last up to 10 hours without a charge.

Stupid Screen Brightness! I Now Have Eye Strain!

Who doesn’t hate it when your eyes suddenly strain? I know I do! You would not believe how many people I have seen with their screen brightness turned up on their tablet computers. When I was at film school, I remember one of my lecturers use to complain that we didn’t have the screen brightness up high enough. But, his complaint came with the laptop, not with a tablet, though, it’s more or less the same thing.

Hello! We were trying to preserve battery life! Anyway, I have seen people who have their screen brightness on their tablets up all the way and they suddenly complain that their eyes are straining against the brightness of their screens. For crying out loud! Turn your screen brightness down so your eyes don’t strain!

Looking Down At A Smaller Than Life Screen… And Why Is My Neck So Sore?

Everybody who works at a desk will have experienced a sore neck from time to time. However, people who use tablet computers are prone to neck soreness more than others who use desktop computers or laptops.

Unlike with a desktop computer or a laptop, with a tablet (that sits in a freestanding cover with a keyboard attached) you’re looking down much more often as opposed to looking up or evenly at a screen that sits directly in front of you.

Ouch! My Stupid Tablet Just Burned Me!

Like everything else electronic we use in our lives, a tablet computer can become hot and can easily burn you. In some cases, some tablets have sat in the laps of their users while not in a cover of any kind. With all the apps running in the background, the device will get hot and could potentially burn you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To protect your skin from burns from your device, place the device in a standing cover or place a blanket, towel or pillow underneath.

I Hate My Keyboard All Of A Sudden

You can’t have any type of computer without a keyboard. While you can buy external keyboards from a store, though you have to cough up a couple of hundred extra dollars just to get a proper keyboard that is made by the same . That’s why most people just settle for the onscreen one.

Having used the onscreen keyboard on my iPad, I know the frustrations when it comes to typing. This is the major reason I don’t work from my iPad. Also, because my iPad is the second generation, the onscreen keys stick because the final software update didn’t fix everything.

For users who have an external keyboard for their tablet computer, it might be nice to look at, but I can tell you now, the keyboard doesn’t leave much for comfort when it comes to the hands. Unlike with a laptop, there is no place to put your wrists when you type, so your hands are left hanging. Also, having an external keyboard might cause problems when linking it your device via bluetooth.

Uh… Where Are The USB Ports?

Any sane person will know it’s wise to back up their work on a portable drive, such as a USB thumb drive/flash drive or an external drive of some kind. However, with the introduction of tablet computers, the handy USB port desktop and laptop users know are nowhere to be seen.

Just a few years ago, a new way of storing files was introduced in the form of the cloud. Yep, the cloud is the whole reason we don’t have USB ports of any description on tablet computers.

What’s more is that the USB drive itself has gotten an upgrade in the form of the USB-C (which is only compatible with some devices the market) and micro USBs.


As you can probably tell. I am not a big fan of the tablet computer. Yes, I might have an iPad, but I don’t use it to work the way other people do with theirs. Tablet computers are making the everyday laptop go out of style. I don’t like it. I know technology has to change, but the laptop has been around a long time and I would hate to see it disappear entirely, because of a much smaller device that doesn’t have the same willpower.