What is missing from the ‘metoo’ surge ?
Irene Lyon

I hear you, and in my assessment the #metoo movement was not intended for a full resolution, but rather awareness raising and a space for those who have been abused. There is timing and process to acknowledging one’s experience, pain and healing process, as someone who has been abused. The first step does not have to come with a parallel plan for forgiveness, empathy or healing for the abuser. Understanding the why is often meaningless, as the abuse still occurred and the person abused lives with the long term impact, while most often the abuser is not held accountable. One’s pain and trauma does not give licenses to abuse others. Please do not assume that those who have been abused do not understand or are not well informed. I applaud practitioners who choose to work with abusers, and the abusers themselves are responsible for choosing their healing and behavior change. Please do not use people’s pain to negate their accountability for the damaging and often fatal experiences of those who have been abused by them, or put the onus on survivors.