A caucus is an arcane process that limits civic participation by setting a specific timeframe and time commitment in which voters must comply to have a vote counted. It’s not only inefficient, but it’s unfair.
Kill the Caucus
Jack Gerard

The caucus process can definitely be improved. At its worst, it’s everything you say, but at its best it’s a very inclusive process that epitomizes the best parts of our democracy. Killing it is not a solution. Most election days for municipalities, states and etc. are similarly inconvenient for those groups you mentioned above for the same reasons. Are we going to do away with them, too? No, most likely each state will eventually find a way improve their processes so that everyone can vote. Maybe caucusing will one day be a mix of digital and physical participation. I know here in the Midwest it’s not going away altogether, though it looks insane to folks on the East Coast, caucusing is culturally woven into what it means to be an Iowan. Surely, you can respect that. It’s not all bad when it’s done properly. Nevada is a prime example of how not to.

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