40 years of reality

A great campaign from Swedish Radio

I’m in love with P4 Sveriges Radio’s beautiful campaign. P4 Sveriges Radio is Sweden’s national publicly funded radio broadcaster. To celebrate their 40th anniversary of covering local news they went to the cities they’re present in and put out cameras to record 24h. Rather than presenting it like that or airing live, they then edited it together creating a short ad showcasing the various places they recorded. BUT, they kept the timeframe, so if you go to their website at 11.30 your next two minutes will showcase those exact minutes from the recording. It brings the realness that all these sort of live recorded campaigns do but it also ties it all together by overlaying it with one soundtrack and the tagline; 40 years of your reality. So whenever you check in you will always get a fresh new ad.

It brings consistency, while still being flexible and giving something new to its audience. It’s like local news.

BIG HEART for this ace campaign.