A change is gonna come

Challenging my core beliefs

Over the past months I’ve felt a change within me. I had an inkling of it over a year ago, that something was coming. Then it was expressed as a seeking of clarity in copywriting, to minimize the fluff and the joyful wordings. I felt that there was a complexity to trivial things that wasn’t necessary. That too much energy was spent on things already known. That talks and discussions often got stuck in a loop.

Today it’s expressed in my very core being challenged. My beliefs and values are changing, or rather, I’m realizing that my beliefs and values have very much been inherited and it’s time to question them. This is the recategorisation I’ve been visiting from time to time over the last weeks. It’s why I return to write about the chaos we are experiencing at the moment. Our life has become that metaphorical untidy room of entropy and our gut instinct is telling us to clean, make things viable and clear. We are craving clarity. Or at least I am. Part of the process to achieve that is to really question ourselves and to seek answers. And I’m not talking about the postmodern understand our feelings type of questioning, I’m talking about the what do you stand for type questions. For me, this is very new. I was educated in the postmodern thoughts and absolutely loved them, but as I read on and listen to newfound mentors I understand that the ideologies and thought systems attached just doesn’t cut it anymore. I used to demand more emotions and dreams to fight boring systems and over rationalized thinking. I believed that several truths was an ideal way to understand the world but nowadays I’m seeking something else, a one guide to rule them all. In a draft dating back to February 26 I’ve only written one line that I hoped to explore further; one set of rules applied to different categories. In this chaotic world that would be a relief.

I’m not writing his because I think I’m unique. I’m writing this because I’m quite certain this is a global shift and I need to write it down to understand it.