Exercising for a healthy brain

Just finished reading Hjärnstark – hur motion och träning stärker din hjärna (The Real Happy Pill: How to Train Your Brain to Create Happiness and a Longer Life) by Anders Hansen. In it Anders presents all the research that points at that exercising is the true way to making your brain stronger. Exercise improves Happiness, Memory, Creativity, Intelligence, Stress levels and gives you a brain that age well. It’s not surprising, I think we all knew this… really. So a lot of the book is just revealing what we already know but explains the reasons why, and how movement and exercise makes you smarter. What I did enjoy reading was a short note on one page about the brain’s single most important job: to make you move. It controls your limbs so it’s not that strange that if we don’t move our bodies we won’t make our brain happy and stronger. It’s important to rememeber though, because it’s easy to forget how important the exercising is for the brain and not only the body, and that the brain not only is about thinking. And all we have to do is to move just a little every day, 5 minutes count but 30 minutes are naturally better. The real mindfulness is exercising because it improves and strenghten your brain so much to make your think better and be calmer. True peace can be achieved from good exercise – it is the religion of now.