Daydreamer vs. traffic controller

Every parent will agree that the greatest skill learnt from raising children is diversion. It takes a couple of hundred times of no, no, no, please don’t do that before you realise that instead of tackling problems heads on — tearing out your vinyls — you’re much better of by coming with something else for your child to pay attention to. Sometime along the way you get one step ahead, like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, and you’re like a traffic controller handling the brain train of your child. Learning this skill takes time, and I still haven’t fully learnt it having lived a whole life daydreaming and never thinking ahead, much to my wife’s disappointment. But learning it has been essential for mine and my daughter’s sanity, without the clear planning ahead she climbs the walls and I loose it. It is, using traffic again, like an intersection without working lights.