Multitude of game starts in Westworld

Single player and multiplayer campaigns

I’ve been reading and talking Westworld all week. One of the key talking points has been about the other guests than the ones we follow. Where are they, why don’t guests bump into each other? There should be around 1500 guests there at one point? As a colleague said, in any given online multiplayer game there at least always one player who will annoy the crap out of you by being in your face, screaming out loud or just killing you. And, whether or not guests can’t be shot I would still be scared shitless to meet a rich maniac strangling you to death. Could Westworld security really make it to you in time to save you?

So. Are all the guests in the same space or just in the same geographical location? The popular theory is that they’re all in different timelines, i.e. playing years apart from each other. But that doesn’t still explain why we don’t see several guests in one shot. Could it be that, like a game, guests have their own game sessions. We haven’t seen more then one group of friends arrive at the same time, which is a bit odd. And we’ve never seen guests cross paths. But, what would that mean for the hosts? They couldn’t been projections, we’ve seen they’re fake flesh and guests can touch them…more than touch them. Are there several copies of a host?

William starting his game session.

On the other hand, a multitude of game starts with various stories playing out would possibly explain the mixed visions/memories of the hosts. It explains William and Logan playing the multiplayer version and Man in Black playing the single player version. Possibly.