Newfound spirituality

Where do we go next?

There’s no secret that we all feel a bit lost at the moment. A lot has been turned up side down. What’s good or bad is hard to decipher. We are in a transitioning phase where we are trying to understand and establish new values. So we’re trying our hardest to find signs, something to lead us, something to elevate us. Not strange then that spirituality is on the rise.

It's nothing new, spirituality has come and gone before. It has just changed shape. It’s less hippie and more digital nomads. Less, although good, World Spirituality Classics Vol. 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane and more Jonny Nash’s Eden.

I find it all quite exciting, really liking the more calming, seeking and experimental music that’s coming out. The only thing though, I fear that this newfound spirituality isn’t the answer. It needs to be more solid. More like a religion. I’m not a spokesperson of religion but neither have anything against it. But in this case I think we need to unearth a religious system from the spirituality that is on the rise to really make something from it. It has potential to take us somewhere, to the next phase in our history, past late capitalism.

I think it’s about a process. We don’t need churches or even declare that we adhere to a religion. We just need to transfer digital processes, systems and thinking into our lives. We need to switch our mindset and fully buy into the complexity of digital transactions, micro payments and block chains. As these things are seeping into our lives I believe they will shift our thinking, re-establish our core and provide us with a clear set of new values that we all can enjoy.