No please, we should thank you

I’ve had some problems with my XBOX One over the weekend, which means not only crisis for me but also for my daugther’s Daniel Tiger and The Wiggles watching.

I recevied excellent support from XBOX customer service. In fact, so excellent that they were thanking me for letting them help me out… which was a bit odd and creepy.

There must be an Uncanny Valley chart for customer service showcasing where it goes from personal to too personal. Or maybe just a chart pointing out what customer service is about; solving the problem, not performing a theatrical experience like Rowan Atkinson’s character in Love Actually. While I actually received excellent service, trying to solve the problem in many ways, it was still quite clear that the very nice person on the other end of the chat box was aiming for that 5-star rating on the review page that appeared when we had run out of solutions.

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