Own voice vs borrowed voice.

Almost a year ago now I started writing everyday. I found it daunting. The thing I’ve leaned over the last couple of months is to not fear and judge myself before I even post something. Doing something is way better than doing nothing. If a topic is interesting enough I can come back to it and improve it if needed. Below is my thoughts from the first weeks of writing for myself, using my own voice.

Throughout my writing career I’ve never really had a problem with sharing my work… apart from those daunting first times in school or at a new job. Really it’s because the work I’ve done has been the words of someone else, a company or a brand. Writing ads is borrowing someone else’s voice to make it heard. Critiquing ads is about finding the plot holes, the cracks which reveals that it actually isn’t the brand speaking. So feedback is good, it’s not about me, it’s about making the work better.

These posts here are about putting my words out in public and testing my own voice. Also, whatever I write, I thought it. It’s linked to who I am. So for the first time in a while I’ve had that slight nervous feeling of sharing my work.

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