Progress & Change

Sometimes when I sit down and consider what I’m doing, where I’m going and what I’ve achieved I get tangled up in the definition problems of change and progress. So, in a way to to sort this out…

Progress finds a spot where it feels comfortable and hammer away.

It’s a blunt instrument that states; I will reach my goal whatever it takes. As a way of keeping focus and mastering a skill it is absolutely amazing, but what happens when it has reached its goal? The tendency seems to be to keep going at it, perhaps widening the scope but still with the same goal in mind, shifting the motivating drivers to more and entitlement. The problem with both more and entitlement is that at one point it will become too much; the many great empires of the world. Essentially it is chasing after a goal until you burn yourself out.

Change makes room for a several successes.

Change is also accepting that nothing lasts forever; that each new situation will bring a a new set of rules. But change, like progress, also moves things forward because the goal is to always move and adapt. Progress exists within change. Change might not be great at keeping focus, but it keeps your eyes wide open. Neither does change always lead to mastery, but it will lead to a breadth of knowledge. Worst case scenario it can lead to aimless wandering, but even then I believe the gain will have been so much greater. Change is about seeking out new ways until you might strike gold.