Small is beautiful

It’s in the trivial we find life

Today an add for the Ava Smart Garden popped up in my feed. It’s a digital garden box so that you can grown small plants and herbs without thinking about it and then when they’re fully grown watch the time lapse. We tell ourselves that that’s freedom. But freedom is not a digital plant. Neither is it a lamp bulb that changes colours to fit the mood or a fridge that informs you that you’re out of milk. That’s imprisonment.

When people say they fear singularity they think of it as machines taking over our lives in the aspects of jobs, governments and authority but in reality we should fear them taking over the little things in life.

Humans were not intended to run big factories, machinery or systems. It’s been proven several times that we just can’t handle those forces. We were not intended to tame nature, we were intended to walk next to nature and live in symbiosis.

We live better when we get to tend and care for the small things, like a pot on a windowsill slowly growing a seed to plant. That’s where life is.

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