Sunday Session #32: Autumn

10 songs for the stunning Perth autumn

Autumn in Perth is a funny business. It’s hot, muggy, cold, windy and stunning. On a good day you wake up to a crystal clear sky, cold fresh ocean air and a golden warming sun. It is exhilarating. While it sounds like any autumn, this autumn doesn’t beg for you to rug up, it’s still too hot. Some days you might even think it’s still summer. But as the sun settles and reveals a night sky coupled with a strong wind you are reminded that Perth still is a desert town and that the elements here are felt two fold, same for cold. Again — as I’ve written many times before — the presence of nature here can make you feel tiny, like a speck floating around in space being carried to wherever by forces you cannot see or understand. It’s immense. It’s beauty is epic and leaves you breathless over and over again.