The Future of Now

Black Mirror and Westworld

Next week the third, and now Netflix produced, season of Black Mirror is released. It is one of the few shows that have succesfully captured Now without stumbling over how to present social media or any other internet related subjects. Black Mirror is the perfect name for the show, capturing how frightening our own reflection can be when we try turning our devices off. As suspected then, the show is dark and scary, looking at our society just a few years from now; we’re still the same people, still trying to figure out our new reality where we’re trapped in the devices we’ve created and come to love. It’s resemblance to the Now caught media’s attention when David Cameron’s Piggate was unearthed. In its first season Black Mirror had a fictional Prime Minister have sex with a pig – live – in order to release a hostage. Yes, it’s dark.

Another Future is predicted in Westworld. It takes place further ahead in the Future, on the cusp of Singularity, at an entertainment centre where the public can come to live any dream they like in a western-like movie. Not unlike films like Interstellar they are the thoughts and dreams we have of the Future. But, whether they are utopian or dystopian they fail to frighten us as they take place so far away. The imminent reality of Black Mirror successfully captures this and at times it’s unbearable to watch as the show is opening a lid to a world we are just about to enter. The technology in Black Mirror is so close to ours that the behaviours the show explores are relatable. It feels real. So, while Westworld is very exciting and interesting, I am very much looking forward to seeing the new Black Mirror season.