The house that everyone built

A dream of the new, eco-friendly and cheap house

Borrowed this image from WikiHouse. Thanks.

Teslas are such a great a idea and they are absolutely stunning, but, they also incredibly expensive. Someday the dream of owning one will come true, it just won’t be tomorrow and it probably won’t be a Tesla. Other manufacturers are making their green strategy come to life. Give it a few years and they’ll be everywhere.

The dream that I seem to be moving closer to though is the eco-friendly house. Because they’re affordable. Because they’re open source. Projects all around seem to be closing in on some finalised products. WikiHouse are renovating their website but have released a brochure full of beautiful headings such as; The next industrial revolution, Manufactured locally, everywhere and Rapid assembly. Mouthwatering words.

Internet has sparked life to many beautiful ideas but it’s when it turns itself to old systems, pick them up and breathe new life into them, that magic really happens.

Can’t wait for this to happen. Can’t wait to have one.

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