The last original saga

Listening to Harry Potter

I’ve been doing a lot of driving and walking lately to get our baby boy to sleep. We’ve been so out of sync with him that he’s now back to sleeping as much as a newborn. It’s terribly boring, which he thinks too as he just have entered an age where the world around him is absolutely amazing. So, getting into the afternoon he’s has enough of sleeping and rather stay awake resulting in a pretty grumpy mood later on where he won’t fall asleep at all in his cot. I often end up taking him for a walk in the sling. It’s not a bad thing, of course we rather have him sleeping in his cot, but if there’s a bullet proof way to get a baby to sleep its in a sling. Plus, I get to go for a nice walk along the river while listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

Over the last 2 months I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry. I just started The Half-Blood Prince, which is getting me excited because stuff is finally about to happen. Knowing what’s to come, having read the books and seen the films, really the first five books are not that important, but I still wanted to listen to them just in case there where clues there to what would come in later books. They’re not bad but they’re not great either but then the whole story arch is great and the universe is exciting. It’s great storytelling, its exact in its archetypal formula with a few interesting twists to not be too basic. I often wonder if it’s not the peak of storytelling. Of course there will be other books and series, but Harry Potter had perfect timing — we were global enough to make worldwide phenomenons, but not global enough to have tired of the basic story formula with the orphaned hero. After the Harry Potter books had reaped success and when the movies had been released the world saw a torrent or resurfacing orphaned heroes — Spider-Man and Batman which launched us into Marvels universe and now the next generation Star Wars. But all those are non-original stories. Harry Potter wasn’t. Harry Potter is the last original saga.

Pause: I realize after writing this that maybe The Matrix has something to do with it too and that too was an original saga albeit heavily influenced by preexiatin stories, eapecially Ghost in the Shell. Unpause:

Whatever comes now must be daring in breaking conventions, norms, stereotypes and archetypes. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, but it needs to push the boundaries. It needs to play with the formula and create new characters we have not yet seen. Unless a saga always stays a saga?