Three takes on change

2016 came to an end, a bitter end according to the many. They felt that with a new year upon us a change is needed, a call to arms has been made to make 2017 greater, stronger and prouder. But change isn’t overnight, and change doesn’t happen just because we enter a new year. A year isn’t a loose entity like a boat that we push away and never see again. We are very much connected to 2016, it was a few days ago and all the seemingly bad things that happened can’t be undone. Responses and reactions to these bad things will happen in 2017, maybe that’s what will make it better. It can also make it worse — bad things can spiral out of control.

I’m in the belief that change is the purpose of life rather than something finite. End goals; dream jobs and perfect homes all have the tendency to quickly become hollow. But whatever happens within us when we strive for those goals, that’s the interesting part. The things we learn on the way there. While some things might hurt, or actually may be bad, they create a change within us. So how can bad things actually then be bad when they are just motivators to make things better, to change. Maybe I’m a positive fool?

In my early 20’s I grew tired of the persona I was putting out, the persona that was picked up and seen by others. It didn’t feel like it had longevity, I was more tired than inspired by myself, and I felt misunderstood by others. I realized that I had to make changes to become more like the one I wanted to be. In the process friends were puzzled and confused, looking for the person they had gotten to know over the last couple of years. It was my first personal change driven by introspection and therefore the most important one setting me off on a new path to become the person I wanted to be, closer to the one I am today. There has been a few more changes since and there will be several more to come.