Trust in design

Data sharing in a serious, honest and sincere way

This was shared by Matt Sheret, who had another write up I will come back to. We need new patterns (on Medium) by Sarah Gold at Projects by IF is both an adapated presentation and the reason-to-be for the studio. It’s good, you should read it, and it explores how design can and should help build trust, especially when it comes to internetty things were users today have very little control, and therefore little trust, in where things might end up.

As digital rights become mainstream consumer rights issues, and as more products access more data, we believe that every person in a product team needs to be thinking about trust.
Data, privacy and permissions need to be taken as seriously as accessibility and usability.

The problem is that it’s hard for users to understand how things work, what is recorded, how to change the settings and also, due to long Terms & Conditions, what we are giving our consent to.

As the things we use get more complex, these documents are only going to get longer. It’s going to become even harder for people to understand what they’ve agreed to.
We need a convincing set of for data sharing, permissions, security and transparency.

This is another path to more serious, honest and sincere text in our lives. It’s a massive task, and it’s an important task. Organisations should seriously start considering how these ideas are plugged in early on in the product development.