Email segmentation may seem complicated. But it isn’t.

With the rise in email marketing, nurturing your list has become easier.

But, if you have noticed that email marketing is not working for you, you might be doing one thing wrong — Sending the same email to everybody on the list.

A business always has subscribers who are old, new and the in-betweens.

The old subscribers get product updates, newsletters, special offers and industry news.

And say that the brand new ones get a welcome sequence and an invite product code with a discount for subscribing.

The in-betweens along with the old subscribers, get normal daily or weekly emails.

Plus, if your company is conducting an event in Florida, you can segment people in your targeted geo-zone and only share emails related to the Florida event.

Now, how is all this happening when you have automated the whole email funnel?

SEGMENTATION is your answer.