Ever get one of those “special promotions” in the mail with a sample product and it gets your attention?

A good deal is not always a good deal.

As a business owners, we all get solicited for goods and services constantly. While some are valid offers many are a waste of valuable time and potentially money. The other day I got just one of those deals that peaked my interest.

Initially I was a bit put off by the mailer. The company sent the solicited piece of mail to my home address not my business.

Furthermore,the sample that was sent while the quality seemed quite good, the name on…

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Sometimes as creatives we allow ourselves to be boxed in by the opinions of others. We take a client’s vision, add our “spin”, only to be asked to change it. Are you really being creative or selling your creativity for someone else’s use?

Creativity does not mean we are necessarily free spirits covered in paint wearing overalls. Granted it does for some and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Being a creative means thinking outside the norms, being willing to push the barriers, and being nonconventional in a way that just works.

It does not matter the form of creativity you possess the rules are the same.

Whether you are a writer, designer…

A few weeks ago I wrapped up my inaugural speaker tour.

Inaugural perhaps is a bit heavy handed and yet feels pretty accurate.

Over a period of six weeks I traveled to three cities in three states to speak to three audiences. For someone that works full time and also runs their own web agency, in my opinion that is an aggressive schedule.

Anyway I digress, my last talk in Orlando… umm I blew it…

What was supposed to be a 35-45 minute talk wrapped up in about 25. It was not planned that way. …

I had the opportunity to travel to the city of brotherly love and share a little bit about what I do. One thing I noticed up front was they take the love thing seriously. Everyone we met was genuinely nice not just pretending…the rest of the world could learn something from the people of Philadelphia.

From the keynote by … through each topic throughout the conference… love, compassion, and generosity were everywhere. Accepting people for who they were, where they were with no judgment. It was beautiful.

Vendors like Godaddy, Jilt, BigCommerce all welcomed the Wordpress community with open arms…

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at my first Word Camp.

I traveled to Rochester, NY to share with complete strangers about WordPress design and how to design specifically for nonprofits.

In preparation for the conference I had mixed feelings. I thought to myself that I was a fraud. Who am I to think anyone wanted to hear what I had to say. What was I thinking traveling several states to speak in obscurity.

Travel ugghhh.. the trip itself was horrible.. okay not horrible but near close.

Our flight out was delayed due to Hurricane…

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Ever since I started my company in 2016, I have hoped and prayed that everyone would know that we were a company that cares for the individual behind the organizations we serve just as much as we care for our own. We pour our heart into every web design project and treat it as if it were our only one. Our company name itself defines our business. Sure it may be a play on words, but it encompasses much more than that.

HeartWired was initially a play on words for “hardwired” a common term in the technology industry meaning “involving or achieved by permanently connected circuits.”

Even the Ethernet cable in…

Business owners no matter how big or small should take heed.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

I am what I would consider to be an “average” consumer. Average being that I don’t go out and necessarily buy extravegant things, but I do like quality in my purchases.

I may not be a “coupon clipper” or “penny saver” yet I am not opposed to stretching a dollar every now and again.

This past week I have had a few instances where different levels of businesses, of different sizes and influence had opportunities to make a sale. Of these accidental moments that could have led to me being an outspoken raving fan of their products… they all FAILED.

Being on social media a bit, (according to some A LOT).. I…

Being “Father’s Day” there is much that is implied with the word Father.

The true definition is “ a man in relation to his natural child or children.”

There are many men that happen to have a biological relationship with their children that come nowhere near being a father. They just happen to have played 50% in the creation but not always the development of the child.

In my case, 100% of my biological relationships walked out on me as a child. After spending the first few years of my life in foster care, finally, I was adopted. Adoption is…

In a world of drag and drop web design and WordPress themes that make life “simple”.

Why would you hire a web designer?

If you know how to get online you can make a website. Shoot you might even be able to make it look good. But do you really know what you are doing when it comes to the important aspects like speed, responsiveness, and more?

Web designers, well at least those that take their work rather than themselves seriously will tell you there is more than what meets the eye.

Sure there are some that will throw…

Anyone that has worked for a corporation at any time likely had sick days. These were days set aside in addition to your vacation days. Days you used when you were ‘sick.’

Likely you also witnessed those people that used sick days for “mental health days”, meaning if they were not taken the person would likely snap.

Then there were those who partied too hard and couldn’t make it in. Or perhaps they had the sniffles or a hang nail.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get sick days.

  • Your client does not care you don’t feel well, they still expect the job done on time.
  • There is no…

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