What if we behaved like animals?

Charles Johnston
Jul 18, 2016 · 2 min read

As I am writing this i am sitting in the waiting area of Jacksonville International Airport waiting for my wife to arrive.

A stranger sat down and played Piano Man by Billy Joel at the piano so many walk by. Those few moments where he shared his talent brightened other people’s day, or at least mine.

It makes me think of all those moments we miss in life to see God's beauty in the small things. We get so wrapped up in being in a hurry it all passes us by unnoticed.

An elderly man walks by me slowly assisted by his cane that taps the floor with every step. His face is drawn, he looks tired from his journey and yet never looks up from his shuffling feet. I can only imagine the years he has missed by simply not looking.

What if we paid attention to God's creation like all the birds of the air, fish in the sea and animals on the land?

Seeking out beautiful flowers, finding the roses among the weeds. Searching the depths of the darkest of coral, our colors shining ever so brightly. Or perhaps as animals we see what is within rather than each other only skin deep.

I challenge each one of us to slow down and pay attention. The beauty in a sunrise or the amber glow as it sets. Rather than focusing on our phones, try putting them down and talk to one another. When someone says hello or gives a simple smile. Why not return it in kind instead of pretending you are deaf or blind.

We have started to miss the entirety of why we were formed. Made in His image we are made for love, kindness and relationships. Each given talents and gifts to share with others. That gift making us as unique as the feathers on a birds back or as distinct as the starfish on the vast ocean floor.

When we share these talents with others we are living a fulfilled life as designed. Something as simple as playing piano man in the midst of a crowded airport is proof. Had he not shared his talent, others would not have stopped to listen. In fact I may have never been compelled and this would never have been written.

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