Let it Bern

Brothers and Sisters of the Internet highway,

On Sunday the editorial board of the New York Times published a depressing, albeit not surprising, plug for their candidate. It enraged and excited me.

Here are some thoughts about it and other things:

It is many and my opinion that Bernie Sanders is the growing force against the absurdity of today’s governing process. American politics has reached an unprecedented level of dysfunction, and, without sounding toooooo alarmist; I think we’re at a critical turning point.

Largely our two Democratic candidates care about the same things.
But they are markedly different people.

Hillary Clinton is an exceptional human. A lifelong public servant, deeply qualified, and compassionate. She is infinitely more progressive than our brothers on the right, but not our best choice. And I believe BY FAR.

The tone of the article I mentioned above mocks the word “revolution”.
Though Bernie is the face of this revolution, he is a moment in the movement.

A political revolution entails millions of Americans coming together, getting involved in the political process and fighting to make the government’s policies reflect the true will of the people. 
(Additionally, Bernie is leading a campaign to offer vast new government-funded benefits to individual Americans, including health insurance, paid maternity leave and free tuition at public colleges. He’s decried our failings in the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and boldly re-imagines them. But more on his great ideas later.)

Not just Bernie, WE want revolution.
To the Editorial Board who presume it is impossible or impractical or irresponsible I say: it’s already happening. 
Bernie has received donations from MILLIONS of Americans. He’s had upset victories in Democratic primaries and began at 3% in national polls. Also, look at the Republican Party, if they aren’t IN REVOLUTION I don’t know squat.

The editorial board claims there are not enough elected officials to carry out Bernie’s proposals. This is exactly the reason behind his call to action. Hillary would inherit the same Republican controlled congress as Bernie. NO DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT will be able to move their agenda unless they REVOLUTIONIZE voter turn out. And I have much more confidence in Bernie’s ability to oust our (gerrymandering, government shutting down, hostile, obstructionist) brothers on the right, than in Hillary’s. Bernie’s election will energize disengaged and disenfranchised voters (much like it already has), and have a major down ticket effect to retake congress. I’m not sure Hillary’s would.

A leader’s ideas can. be. enough. 
Bernie’s are labeled lofty, “impossible in our current political climate.”
Let’s instead ask, “Are they noble?”
The real question we should be asking is not whether his ideas can be achieved; it’s DO we want to achieve them. Do we want to look corruption in the face and take it head on? BERNIE has his entire career, and for us.

We have largely let our great minds/ our great leaders go to the private sector.
Democrats have wasted time YIELDING to racism, xenophobia, corporate greed, inequality. They have grown to negotiate from the middle, losing touch with what yesterday’s democrats really stood up for. Now’s as good a time as ever to REVOLVE. Bernie encourages young people to take the baton and run.

The article advocates for evolution instead of revolution. Revolution, to those of us feeling the Bern, does not mean change what politics MEANS. Politics takes time. It SHOULD. Revolution here means: let’s perhaps change course.
And, what is your original point New York Times… that since progress won’t be instantaneous we should give up? Settle for the status quo? Imagine if our brother MLK thought his “outsider” position was so oblique that he deemed it insurmountable, n never marched. One cannot achieve a homerun by bunting…or some other sports…thing.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the system as it functions now. A vote for Bernie is a vote for how it could and should be.

**My fav part** Bernie has a moral compass we should all be envious of. And the bravery of a once-in-a-generation leader. He cannot be bought. A true life long progressive, he’s been on the right side of history every time and before it’s popular or safe. I cannot say the same for Ms. Clinton.

He may be the best candidate we will EVER be able to support.

There is no virtue in silence. 
Over the past few months it’s been hard not think about what kind of example we’re setting for the world.
When the United States gets it right, the world becomes a vastly better place. Been thinking too about what it means to be a citizen and how I may have had that wrong.
We have been led on a downward spiral to complacency with poverty, criminal (in)justice, inequality, environmental disaster etc. The revolution is a call to action. Largely for something rather simple. democracy…just restoring our democracy. People expressing ideas through free speech, assembling, and a ballot box. I believe we have the opportunity, the honor, to get behind a once-in-a-lifetime kind of leader. Voting for Bernie is a great privilege, and I believe it’s our duty.

Here’s how we can help!! Spread the MUTHA EFFIN WORD! talk to your friends and family be an agent of social media change- positive not negative, and get people to VOTE! What’s more important than this? Half of the world CAN’T vote. This is a grass roots effort, and the change we deserve will only come from the bottom up.
Also, once we wake up we must not go back to sleep. Midterm elections need us!
FACT: Democrats WIN when there is a high voter turnout.

Finally, New York Times- cuz I know you’re reading this- you should be participating in the revolution, not defending the status quo. And your revolution-hate-article is an opinion piece, not fact- whoever authored it should put their name on it. I doubt the entire 19 member editorial board co-wrote it. Lastly, stop editing your articles AFTER they’ve been posted to sandbag Bernie.

Woah dog, if you made it to the end of this: I love u. n thanks for reading ;)