When did disobeying an officers commands become the norm. When I was growing up, we were taught to listen and obey immediately, regardless if we were guilty or not.

If a police car instructs you to pull over, you pull over. If an officer asks you to step out of the vehicle, you step out of the vehicle. If you are instructed to get on the ground, you do so immediately without question or insult to the officer.

When my daughters grew to an age of understanding, they were instructed accordingly and reminded that you do not ever, argue with an officer of the law. They have guns and if given reasonable cause, are licenced and trained, to use deadly force.

Even if you believe you have not provoked a reason for the officer to be delaying you, you must respond as requested and obey immediately. These are our laws and for better or worse, they have given most of us a feeling of safety and security.

For those few whom disrespect and challenge the laws and officers enforcing them, they are guilty and afraid. But worst of all, they have no consideration for anyone but themselves and will usually take, the unsuspecting, innocent citizen down with them.

We need to begin addressing this immediately in our early school systems. We need to reinforce, from an early age onwards that anything but full compliance is unnacceptable.

Yes there are bad people in the world. Some of them have been given a badge and a gun and sorely abuse it to their own gains. But please, remember, these are the few of law enforcement and we must trust in their superiors to do their utmost best to weed them out before they get a badge and a gun.

We need to be more vigilant at the training stage of our Policing men and women. Perhaps arm them with non-killing weapons to defend themselves against those whom feel justified in disobeying, threatening or doing harm to them. What ever happened to rubber bullets?

This craziness must stop. Our children no longer know who to trust and the media is instilling in them the attitude that they can run, disobey, argue with, insult, threaten and even kill, any officer they might disagree with.

As well, our officers must be more tolerant and understanding of all races of human beings whom may not even understand the language being spoken to them. The individual being questioned may have a psychiatric disorder, they may be intoxicated or even just having a negative reaction to a prescription. Do they deserve to die? Any officer is trained to defend themselves and rightfully so. The question becomes, when exactly, is deadly killing force necessary? This is the root of our evil, controlling fear and arming someone with a killing weapon. How about we design a weapon that has the ability to both stun and put down, as well as stop and kill? Food for thought I think!

It is truly a conundrum, chicken and egg scenario. We are the most intelligent species on this planet and yet, we continue to act like wild jungle animals towards one another. How do we truly begin an effective change in these unacceptable behaviors and attitudes towards law enforcement?

I feel this deserves far more rhetoric than I can provide but, plant the seed as I may, in hopes of the start of, a more enlightened and respectful citizenry.

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