“Politics is just a bunch of opinions, that’s why I don’t get involved with it, no one ever agrees with mine.” My roommate says when I talk about Trump authorizing the DAPL and the Keystone pipeline. Even though it’s not an uncommon opinion, I have quite a few problems with it.

Firstly, politics, although it has a lot of opinionated aspects, is mostly based in facts. Facts are indisputable truths, something a lot of people struggle with. With fake news becoming larger and larger, facts seem to be becoming opinions, or at least social media would suggest. Not only are people constantly disputing facts, or even going so far as to suggest that fact checkers are biased, but Kellyanne Conway recently went on air claiming that there were “alternate facts" regarding number of attendants at Trump’s inauguration speech.

Secondly, politics isn’t a horse race where you bet on the most likely to win, rather, one should choose the politician best suiting their philosophy. This was especially relevant during the Democratic primary, where many people voted for Hillary Clinton on the basis that Bernie would never win. Despite my saltiness on the subject and the arguable falsehoods of those claims, one should never vote for a politician just to be on the winning team.

Truth is an ungraspable phantom, but certain things are indisputable. Two equals two, no ifs ands or buts. However, in an era of fake news and alternate facts, something being indisputable doesn’t mean that someone won’t try their hardest to dispute it.