Getting Narrowed Down Into Despair

I find as I narrow my perspective, my despair intensifies. Today that happened. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m also a freelancer.

I think I’m freelancing to pay the bills, until my next entrepreneur gig manifests. My growing sense is that I’ll build that manifestation. There are a few promising ideas for it. Until the right one takes hold, I’m freelancing to pay the bills.

I spent time working through my pipeline today. The importance of marketing has grown in my consciousness. I spent time marketing too, mainly through content creation and some promotion.

The creation is easy. The promotion is hard. Promotion is hard for reasons I’m discovering through my Just Rolling with It journey. Promotion brings up questions of self-worth for me.

As a freelancer, my job is to create value. I feel like I do that. Clients tell me I do it well.

The value I create is wide ranging and specific. That’s how it seems. It’s been difficult for me to package. It’s a work in progress.

Packaging is part of what I worked on today. Packaging and promoting.

Again, the packaging is easier for me than the promoting. Promoting requires us to put ourselves out there. Promoting opens ourselves up for rejection.

Pipeline building takes time. The more specific our value creation is, the longer pipeline building can take. It takes a bit of trial and error to refine the pipeline.

It’s easy to take each “no” as a rejection of self. That makes each no very difficult to take. Being aware of that inclination is helpful. Posts by Seth Godin, like this one, help me frame “no” in a healthy way.

It’s these activities that felt narrowing today. I’m writing this to help pull my head up, unclench my body, stretch and expand my perspective again.

Nothing’s permanent and tomorrow’s a new day.