Just Rolling with It on Stay at Home Dad Duty

What’s my Dad doing home on a Friday morning? Shouldn’t he be at work? Hmm…

I’m writing this at 11AM on a Friday morning. My 6 month old son, Theo, is mercifully napping in the room next to me. About 15 minutes ago things were feeling pretty hopeless. Theo was starting to get fussy and I’m on solo stay at home Dad duty until 5:30PM. That’s when Theo’s Mom gets back from work today.

It’s 11AM and I’m here with him, writing this, instead of at an office, doing something for someone else. I have to say that it feels wonderful to be here with him.

Just Rolling with It Isn’t Only About Me

You see, I started Just Rolling with It a couple of years ago. Back then, before Theo was born, Just Rolling with It was about me, rebooting MY life and MY career.

This week I’ve discovered Just Rolling with It is not only about me. Just Rolling with It is also about sharing my rediscovered happiness and health with others, especially with Theo.

We live in Brooklyn, NY without family close enough to help us care for Theo on a daily basis, so my wife and I can go to work. On one hand, if we didn’t live in the least affordable housing market in the US, maybe we wouldn’t both have to go to work.

That thought passed through my mind and my wife and I’ve discussed it on many occasions. The reality is, this is a choice we’ve made and we feel it’s the right one for us and our recently expanded family.

This week we’re in the middle of a childcare transition. During this transition, I’ve found myself Just Rolling with It on stay at home Dad duty most of the week.

The original plan was for my father-in-law to visit and watch our son yesterday and today. The plan would let me get a few things done this week. I spent all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with my son. Getting a few things done to round out the week felt like a hopeful balance.

Just Rolling with It through the Unexpected

That plan started off amazingly well. Grandpa was knocking it out of the park for the first half of the first day. Unfortunately, Grandpa experienced a minor mishap and had to go home a day early.

As a result, I find myself at the end of a week that has been much less productive than I set out for it to be on Monday. The hopeful thing to me now is that I actually feel OK about it.

Feeling Fortunate to be Just Rolling with It

Taking a step back, I feel fortunate I’ve been able to spend this time with my son at such a formative stage in his life. Not only have I been able to spend this time with him, I’ve been able to be present with him during this time.

Because I’m Just Rolling with It, I’m not checking email every few minutes. I didn’t have to ask permission from anyone to take this time off in the middle of the usual work week.

The only person I needed to ask permission from to take this time to spend with my son was myself. This poses its own challenges for someone like me. I tend to drive myself harder than any other person is likely able to drive me. Learning to ease back on my own throttle is another reason I started Just Rolling with It.

It’s the unexpected circumstances of the week that have provided me with an opportunity to take a step back on this Just Rolling with It journey. This hasn’t been an easy journey.

This week has helped me appreciate that Just Rolling with It is a journey worth continuing. It’s a journey worth continuing not just for ME anymore. Just Rolling with It is a journey worth continuing for my family as well.

Just Rolling with It to Redefine “Shoulds” as “Coulds”

I’m feeling happier and healthier now, at 43 years and 2 days old, than I ever have felt in my life. I’m now able to share that happiness and health with my son, on a Friday morning. Friday “should” be a work day or a paid vacation day, according to the old rules of my life.

This week has renewed my commitment to continue battling the voices from my past. These are the voices trying to tell me what I “should” be doing. These are the voices that don’t care how miserable the “shoulds” make me feel. These are the voices that made me unhappy and unable to spread happiness to those around me.

This week has renewed my commitment to continue -

P.S. — And thanks, Theo, for sleeping long enough to let me finish this post!

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