Now, where did that shift go…?

Feels like the shift ran away during the week.

On Monday I wrote about starting to feel a shift. The shift felt like a slight movement in a new direction that felt right, which I attributed to the positive life-changes I’ve been working on for the past year or so. I was really encouraged to feel it on a Monday morning, which typically isn’t my most enthusiastic time of the week. Now, on Friday morning, a time when I’m usually feeling pretty upbeat, the shift seems to have run away from me.

Rather than get frustrated, I’m trying to stay optimistic and look at the fact that I even felt the shift to begin with as a positive sign that things are moving in the right direction. I’m glad that I was able to recognize the shift for what it was, especially since I had been expecting the changes I’ve been working on to result in breakthroughs of varying degrees and intensities, rather than the subtle shift that I had experienced on Monday.

In a similar way, it could be that this shift feeling may be one that starts to emerge from time to time, like a dolphin jumping out of the water or maybe a whale surfacing temporarily, then diving back into the depths of the sea. (Note to self, start thinking more about this emerging connection to the sea that’s becoming stronger and stronger!) I make this connection to say that I’m trying to be open to whatever may be happening, resisting the temptation to frame it with expectations related to what I would expect to be happening.

What I experienced on Monday was encouraging and even though I’m not feeling it today, I’m still feeling encouraged. The shift I felt was, if nothing else, a small affirmation to myself that the changes I’m working on might just be working in good ways, albeit behind the scenes at the moment. The shift is something I’ll come back to and remember when my motivation to keep going on the changes may temporarily wane, so if for no other reason, I’m really happy to have experienced it and will keep my eye out for the next dolphin that leaps out of the sea.

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