How Artificial Intelligence Is Democratizing The Personal Assistant

“Real life” assistant services are also trying to democratize the availability of personal assistants.Fancy Hands has come closest to doing this, from a pricing perspective.

They’re my “real life” assistant service of choice. They’ve completed thousands of tasks for me.

Fancy Hands supports Trello integration. This means assistants can jump right into a Trello workflow to help you.

That said, I also use for scheduling meetings. The service has started to convince me of AI’s potential in the personal assistant space.

I’ve also found working with “real life” assistants helps me effectively use AI assistants. Working with a “real life” assistant lets you refine your delegating technique. You can apply your refined technique to AI task delegation.

You’ll need to make some adjustments along the way to bridge the “real-life”-AI gap. The gap will continue to narrow as AI continues to advance in this space and others.

P.S. — My referral link gets new Fancy Hands users 50% of your first month. Use it if you want to give them a shot.

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