Great comparison of Trello and Asana for project management
Del DeVries

Thanks for the Reply

Del, thanks for your comments! I kind of like how both Asana and Trello have each chosen to go with a single approach, rather than try and be everything to everybody. I’m not familiar with GrandView, however my sense is that when a company tries to be everything to everybody, it ends-up with a product like Microsoft Project, that, at least to me, becomes too sprawling to be effective in most cases, as the process of managing the project in the software becomes a project in and of itself, and as a result distracts from what the project itself is actually trying to accomplish! I like mind mapping software as well and use XMind from time-to-time. Along the same lines, I personally prefer to use XMind for brainstorming, then Asana and/or Trello to manage the project, once its progressed from the brainstorming stage to planning and execution.

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