White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

Having a lot of trouble appreciating his point of view. What I hear is a lot of understandable, but unfocused and misdirected anger. He doesn’t shed light on any real issue or problem that white people need to address IMHO.

In my view, he completely misunderstands Noah’s purpose in having her on the show, his handling of her, and “white people’s response.” He got it all wrong.

As for media coverage of the interview, I read 137 headlines every day claiming that someone was “schooled” or “owned” or “eviscerated” on television — almost all of which are grossly inaccurate, one-sided, and hyperbolic. This is part of a larger “click bait” phenomenon that has nothing to do with Noah and Lahren, nor is it in any way an indication of how “white people” responded to the interview.