Rules of Customer Service

ninja level skillz (constantly updated)

#1. Pretend the customer is your dearest relative or friend. Treat them like your mother or grandmother. Remember the golden rule.

#2. The customer is not always right, but it’s ok to pretend they are. The customer is always most important.

#5. Pay your phone support people well. Train them well. And they MUST be in the same country as the person calling in.

#6. Abolish computer phone menus. Have a person answer and help right away. Gold star to Hover domain services for doing this.

#12. Don’t make your customer wait. Consider their time as more valuable than yours…even if you are a doctor.

#25. Don’t send an email from an address that can’t respond to a reply. That’s rude. It’s like saying something to someone then covering your ears and making them respond on a piece of paper.

#44. If you’ve developed a novel technology to offer a great service, don’t forget to pair it with old-fashioned, personal support. (I’m looking at you Google, Facebook, Uber.)