CJ Romberger
Dec 12, 2016 · 1 min read

First, thank you for recommending what I’ve written. I just started writing on Medium, and *I* loved seeing your recommendation, and appreciated knowing a person took the time to acknowledge what I wrote and do something kind.

Second…SERIOUSLY Medium?? Your blogging platform is soooo fragile that one power user who’s reading articles is causing a volume issue!?!?

REALLY??? How are you able to scale then? And What in the World would happen to your fragile platform if you got a real DDOS attack!?

Hats off to you SF Ali, for still caring about all of The Writers here, enough to still be willing to get on this platform at all!

You’re a more tolerant person than I…I’m reconsidering whether I’m going to use this space as a serious blogging platform, if they treat people like you, like that.

As I said, I’ve JUST started looking at articles here, and I’ve only posted a few things. So, at least for now, I’m not someone who’s going to benefit anymore from SF Ali’s support, based on how he feels he needs to limit his participation.

Too bad, because it was one of the things about Medium I liked.

It was nice while it lasted. Thank you, SF Ali.

No thank you, Medium.

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