Winners & Losers

CJ Romberger
Nov 11, 2016 · 4 min read

There are not many things as dangerous, ugly, cruel, and short-sighted as a person or group of people gloating when they think they’ve ‘won’, taking jabs at the other side, telling them to suck it up, and failing to be empathic, gracious or kind.

Bullying others isn’t the way to KEEP our already great country, great.

I’m sadly not surprised this is going on, but I do think it’s a good idea to keep in mind that people who feel bullied and unheard will do radical things to stop bullying, and to force their voices to be heard.

Feeling bullied, unheard, and left behind was part of the cause for these election results in the first place.

If the side who just gained more power were wise, they’d realize this isn’t a permanent dictatorship. It is a republic, and their time in power isn’t unlimited.

If the ‘winning’ side would like to keep our country great, have a chance at getting anything done with over half the population against them, (including people on their own team), and avoid this current increase in power coming back to bite them hard the next time around, showing some grace, kindness, compassion, compromise and bridge building would be a good way to begin.

It’s also extremely worthy of note that the ‘winning’ side did not win the popular vote.

And this majority? These millions of people who didn’t choose the candidate who epitomizes many things they vehemently oppose and dislike?

They have the right to organize, protest, and draw attention to what they don’t agree with. And they have the right to vote the next time around.

You wanna make me take action? Bully me and refuse to listen to me. And clearly, I’m not alone in this at all. There are millions of people who are angry, sad, shocked, and upset that this has happened.

And there’s no shortage of people unwisely telling those people to suck it up, unite, and get over it, because they ‘lost’.

Someone wise once told me in any relationship, there is never a winner and a loser. There are either two winners, or two losers.

If one side of the relationship attempts to make the other side look like, or feel like, a loser, then by definition, that makes them a loser, too.

For better or worse, by choosing to live in this nation, we are all in a relationship.

What kind of people bully others when they’ve won, instead of reaching out with a gracious hand of comfort, compassion and compromise, to calm the fears, sadness and anger of the other, defeated side?

The violence currently going on is not okay either, however, I do feel quite sure that violence was going to occur regardless of who ‘won’. There are certainly plenty of well-documented threats of it, and the seeds were sown a long time ago.

But the violence actually further proves my point that the ‘winners’ aren’t going to benefit from gloating and telling people to suck it up. The ‘winners’ are in the precarious, delicate position of taking power over a very angry, sad, appalled majority, who, at a minimum, are not going to be silent, and may very well escalate out of control.

They’d better figure out how to deal with that fast, if they want to spend time on their agenda instead of on four years of quelling violence or dealing with the fallout.

However, what should be more compelling and urgent to the gloating ‘winners’ who are calling the other side ‘whiners’ and telling them to get over it, are the people who are NOT being violent, but are instead channeling their anger, fear and sadness into what will likely be very powerful civil action and involvement.

They have the potential of becoming a force to be reckoned with, and pose a significant threat to disrupting the ability of the people, who just increased their power, to get anything lasting accomplished.

The ‘winning’ side should also keep in mind that’s what good for the goose, is good for the gander. If they have the power to undo what they perceive the current Executive, Congressional, and Judicial Branches did, whatever THEY do during their time in power, will also be at risk of being undone the next time around.

Lasting progress is made when people function from a place of empathy, compromise, kindness, and compassion.

Peace has never been permanently attained by bullying or forcing or gloating.

This situation isn’t a sporting event or a reality show. These are our lives, our future, and our country.

We each get to decide how we want to conduct ourselves in this world and in our lives. I hope gloating, suppression, vindictiveness, cruelty and violence isn’t what gets chosen. That will surely stop our country from continuing to be great.

CJ Romberger

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