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I’m tired of all these throw away lines in MLB stories about how “the Dodgers finally caught up with the Rockies and are obviously going to win the division now like we all expected…blah blah blah”. They’ve been behind the Rockies the ENTIRE YEAR except for a handful of games (less than 5) and have a losing head-to-head record. The Rockies have been N.L. champs more recently than the Dodgers…

The bigger issue though is that all the media outlets intentionally ignore small market teams and then act so surprised when they’re good and act like they “came out of nowhere”. It’s not good for sports and it’s not good for this country. Case in point with Mike Judge: He’s the home run leader, he’s a rookie, blah blah blah. ESPN would never have rushed to make him this “superstar” if he played in Milwaukee or KC or Scottsdale.

I’m glad to see this article because they are so few of them. But it’s a bummer as fan outside of a handful of teams get absolutely no coverage.

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