About five years ago I joined Flywheel Sports to help build their connected Fitness Bike which like Peloton, offered riders a live and on-demand connected fitness experience featuring video and real time analytics. Some of the technical details are available on the tech blog and during my RedisConf 2018 and 2019 presentations.

In my RedisConf 2020 presentation, entitled “Creating a Model of Human Physiology w/RedisGraph” I reported on how IoT and Connected Fitness devices can be utilized to transmit biometric information to cloud hosted systems where they’re ripe for data processing such as machine learning.

Connected Fitness remains a core…

This year I had the pleasure to begin learning the fine art of printed circuit board design. Despite the hardships that the Coronavirus has caused, social isolation does have its benefits. In my case that’s translated into focused learning time.

As part of my IoT work I set out to build a connected SPo2 and HeartRate monitor which is capable of securely transmitting biometric sensor data to a cloud-hosted microservice. I demo’ed the device during my Redis Conference presentation this year on the use of IoT and Connected Fitness with RedisGraph.

To keep things relatively simple and inexpensive, I started…

ESP-Prog board

Developing hardware projects using microcontrollers and sensors presents a host of challenges. For one, the fact that we use a personal computer to interface with connected devices already adds a layer of separation from the machine we actually write code in. A similar situation is present in building distributed applications over networks. Albeit without the particularities of sensors and often on devices with a relative wealth of computing resources. So that seems like a first world problem when compared to the former.

In the case of microcontrollers working with concurrent real time data we are often left with fairly inadequate…

This afternoon I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and comb through my Github repositories.

Credit: Getty Images

I found projects dating back to 2010. I’ve certainly been programming long before then… but didn’t join Github until 2010. The projects below use languages such as C/C++, C#, Python and JavaScript. Projects range from microcontroller based Arduino projects to NodeJS-based Microservice libraries. Some of the projects are even extensively documented. Imagine that? Dude must have a lot of time on this hands, right? There’s almost something there for everyone.

UDP server to receive OSC streaming messages from the Interaxon Muse headband

Jul 14, 2019

Hacking Alzheimers using Light Therapy

Jun 5, 2019

Pack and unpack JSON files

Jan 25 2019

Web-based Time Hacker Clock


credits: Christian Horz via iStockPhoto

The following posts are the top 10 most popular articles I’ve written on Medium. The topics range from programmer productivity tips to how-tos ranging from the use of microcontollers to cloud-based infrastructure.

#1 at 21K views: The Time Hacker Method

A time management and productivity article.

#2 at 20K views: Handy Docker Aliases

Workflow productivity tips for working with Docker.

#3 at 13.1K views: Installing Docker CE on an AWS EC2 instance running Ubuntu 16.04

#4 at 10.1K views: Building Light-weight Microservices using Redis

#5 at 9.94K views: Desktop apps using Electron, Preact and Material Design

#6 at 7.6K views: Raspberry Pi based Wifi Routers

How-to instructions for building your very own Wifi Router using a $5 Raspberry Pi.

#7 at 6.6K views IoT for Ninjas

Using microcontrollers to power Connected Fitness

#8 at 4.6K views: Hydra, AWS, and Docker

A NodeJS based microservice deployment story.

#9 at 4.2K views: Time Hacker Clocks

#10 at 1.3K views: Cloud-based file transfer at scale

A personal favorite (and one dear to my heart) is a relatively recent post on building light emitting devices for use in experimental Alzheimers treatments. The article includes plans…

Building DIY light therapy devices

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Alzheimers hitting home

The widespread impact of Alzheimers virtually guarantees that you or someone you know has a loved one who has suffered from Alzheimers. For me it’s been several people I’m very close to, my grandmother, mother, mother-in-law and my father-in-law’s life partner. While that seems a bit much to me, I’m far from alone.

In a video published in December 2016 on YouTube, the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shared some alarming statistics:

  • One in three adults in the United States will die from Alzheimers or age related dementia.
  • There are now 46 million people with…

Photo by Jesse Borovnica on Unsplash

This is a post I wrote back in 2010. The problem remains interesting almost a decade later.

Recently while driving to work I noticed several vanity license plates. I found myself contemplating how a computer could be used to decipher the meaning behind those plates. Plates reading NICEBODY and ATOYOTA seem easy to decipher because they’re just words without spaces. However, HYPRDRV (hyper drive) and TIH2 HO (mirror image of “oh shit”) are more difficult. Even more complicated would be plates like PD4BYEX (Paid for by Ex), W84ME (Wait for me).

Career advice for developers

Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash

I posted this story back in 2010 on my personal blog. The advice is still valid today.

We’re currently in the process of interviewing candidates for three open positions in our software development group. This process typically takes us several months on average. We see several dozen people during the process of weeding through a large pool of candidates. Our goal is simply to hire the best candidate for the job — and perhaps we take that too seriously.

Two questions I always pose to candidates are “What’s your story?” and “What have you done?”. I’m always interested in hearing…

This rather long post steps you through the process of setting up a WiFi router on a Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi 3. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do such a thing:

  • Setup a demo any where access point for your web apps
  • Create deployable devices for use in network testing.

As an added bonus this post also describes how to install NodeJS and the AWS command line tool to created scripted workflows with AWS.

Setting up the Raspberry Pi

Setup the Raspberry Pi Zero W using Raspbian Lite. The version I used was 2018-06-27-raspbian-stretch-lite.img

The following…

Like many youngsters, I grew up watching magicians on television.

During my years in high-school I had one of the coolest jobs a teenager could have, I worked part-time at the local magic shop. The shop was more than just a shop. It was a workshop where magic tricks and larger stage illusions were created and sold to professionals.

While I loved and still love magic, my journey lied in technology.

Recently, I had the pleasure to combine my two loves. A quick search on YouTube revealed tricks using mobile phones, but I didn’t find any using a smart watch…

Carlos Justiniano

Co-Founder / VP of IoT & Cloud Platforms @ Zenerchi LLC. Former VP of Engineering @ Flywheel Sports. World record holder, author, photographer,

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