Top 10 posts I’ve authored on Medium

Carlos Justiniano
Jul 28 · 2 min read

The following posts are the top 10 most popular articles I’ve written on Medium. The topics range from programmer productivity tips to how-tos ranging from the use of microcontollers to cloud-based infrastructure.

#1 at 21K views: The Time Hacker Method

A time management and productivity article.

#2 at 20K views: Handy Docker Aliases

Workflow productivity tips for working with Docker.

#6 at 7.6K views: Raspberry Pi based Wifi Routers

How-to instructions for building your very own Wifi Router using a $5 Raspberry Pi.

#7 at 6.6K views IoT for Ninjas

Using microcontrollers to power Connected Fitness

A personal favorite (and one dear to my heart) is a relatively recent post on building light emitting devices for use in experimental Alzheimers treatments. The article includes plans for a working prototype device based on an MIT research study.

The “views” stats shown above were current as of July 2019.

Carlos Justiniano

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VP of Engineering @ Flywheel Sports. Veteran software developer, world record holder, author, photographer

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