AndelaALC and Providence

Around August last year I had it in my plans to advance my skill in PHP. This is not one of those normal todo list. I had outsourced a good number of projects due to lack of basic skillset and at the end gets the peanut of the deal. That prompted the need to acquire more knowledge: to learn OOP and Laravel.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Same August, I saw bootcamp program to learn the exact skill I was yearning for. Got to know about the program because of my curiosity to see the organization that attracted Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria, that was how I got to know about CcHub and their bootcamp program.

After the bootcamp, my life has never been the same. I have churned out couples of web application with the knowledge I learned from the program. Waved good bye to outsourcing projects. Big Thanks to Femi Longe, Udeze 'Kene, Gabriel Okpo and all the nice 6th floor guys.

My entrance to Android development is not different from my Journey to CcHub. Leme motivate someone reading this post. Wherever there is a will, there is a way.

Pointing the way forward

If there is anything that is not always fulfilled, it is New Year’s resolution. I said to myself, by March this year, I should have learned how to develop for Android. As providence may have it, I said “providence” not luck. Anyway, even if you call it luck. I have learned how to increase my odds in getting lucky. The opportunity came to learn Android development via under the wonderful umbrella of Android Learning Community, baked at Udacity, supported by Google and brought by Andela.

Since Life is too short to be only a web developer, I grabbed the opportunity and the rest is history.

During the course of this program, I have met wonderful persons here, both online and offline, from fellow Android students to organizers and facilitators.

I will not keep quiet. I won a customized power bank, also a solar power bank and lots of swags.

I see AndelaALC as a community that will spark up the brain for best practices. Thanks to Andela_Nigeria, Googleafrica, Udacity, Katherine Kuan, Kunal Chawla, Aniedi Udo-Obong, Chimdindu Aneke, Awosupin Olalere Solomon, Emem Brownson, Sam Esidem and Team SS10 members.

The post is brought to you with love from the house of Team SS10. Together Everyone Achieves More!

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