Lesson 1: acrostic and apology poems


Acrostic poem

P: Progess is walking

O: On the steep stairs of Mount Olympus

E: Existence is defined by walking the path towards

T: Truth, a word which conceals us from

R: Revelations

Y: Yet I have to muddle through

Apology poem:

I’m deeply sorry

for making such a mess on the kitchen floor

I decided to make a dozen pancakes, which were sublime

As you can see, I have used a very special kind of flour

The floor is thicky layered in grained dust

That I had spilled over while making these fine, crusty crepes-

As the French would like to call it

I didn’t have time to clean it up

For I have to go to work very early in the morning

But could you do one thing for me?

Be a dear and clean the floor, would you?

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